Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus)


En-usWhooper Swan   CaCigne cantaire   DaSangsvane   DeSingschwan   EsCisne cantor   Filaulujoutsen   FrCygne chanteur   ItCigno selvatico   NlWilde Zwaan   NoSangsvane   PtCisne-bravo   SvSångsvan   RuЛебедь-кликун

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15:13 21/10/14
14:08 21/10/14
11:23 20/10/14
16:02 18/10/14
17:48 16/10/14
08:07 16/10/14
15:51 14/10/14

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Mon 02/09/13
WWT: Power line research to reduce risks for swans and geese
WWT Power line research to reduce risks for swans and geese
The safety of tens of thousands of swans and geese in the UK could be improved by new research into collisions with power lines, which started this week with the installation of more than 150 special bird diverters in Lancashire.  read on read on
Mon 17/09/12
RSPB: What a whooper
RSPB What a whooper
Whooper Swans breed on Loch of Spiggie for the first time in 92 years.  read on read on
Fri 29/07/11
WWT: Whooper Swan romance results in rare UK cygnets
WWT Whooper Swan romance results in rare UK cygnets
Injuries prevented bird from migrating, but not from breeding.  read on read on
Sat 17/04/10
WWT: Whooper Swan disappears into volcanic cloud
WWT Whooper Swan disappears into volcanic cloud
WWT raise concern for the fate of Y6K, which has disappeared into an ash cloud.  read on read on

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