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Forty Foot Drain just west of Visitor Centre.
Forty Foot Drain just west of Visitor Centre.
© 20/04/11
View from Welches Dam Hide.

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Jointly managed by RSPB and the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Peterborough.

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RSPB/Wildlife Trust Visitor Centre is at Welches Dam (TL470859), signposted from Manea village. From the A141 Chatteris–March road follow the B1093 WSW; from the A142 Chatteris bypass follow B1098 WNW then take minor road to right just after Horseway (or continue to Manea via B1093).

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Ouse Washes RSPB
Ordnance Survey Grid Reference: TL4685 TL4685
NB: this grid reference is a generic reference for the site and indicates the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access is implied.
Nearest postcode: PE15 0NF PE15 0NF
NB: Provided for guidance only; some postcodes cover a large area and may be some distance from the actual location. Notes on grid reference above apply.
Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2014. Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2014.

Maps, etc.

Google Maps:52.44742, 0.15589 (52° 26' 50 52.44742, 0.15589 (52° 26' 50" N, 0° 9' 21" E)
Where's the path?map and aerial photo map and aerial photo
www.streetmap.co.uk:1:25000 1:250001:50000 1:50000Atlas Atlas
Bing Maps:1:25000 1:250001:50000 1:50000Atlas Atlas
Bing Maps (OS):1:25000 1:250001:50000 1:50000
www.geograph.org:grid square photo grid square photo (where available)

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four at the pilot project
one on the north edge of the first pool south of the railway bridge today; also Little Stint and Knot
seven on Thompsons Pool viewable from Kingfisher Hide and Grose Hide today
three this afternoon
two juveniles this afternoon
juvenile late afternoon
09:56 03/09/14
five yesterday
four juveniles present before flying north; also 5 Garganey still
20:23 29/08/14
seven juveniles this evening; also 2 Garganey
three viewable from Kingfisher Hide

10 reports returned.

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Click here Click here for a list of birds reported within 50km of Ouse Washes RSPB in the last 14 days.

BirdTrack reports from Ouse Washes RSPB BirdTrack reports from Ouse Washes RSPB

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Ten hides always open. RSPB/WT visitor centre open weekends. No entrance fee. Toilets in the car park.

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Surfaced car park at TL470859.

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Hides from north to south:

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Being the largest area of washland in the UK, the Ouse Washes encapsulate everything that wetland birding in the British winter has to offer. Many thousands of wildfowl and waders spend the winter on the washes creating an unforgettable spectacle — flocks of Bewick's and Whooper Swans, Wigeon, Teal, Golden Plover, Lapwing and Black-tailed Godwit predominate, with the sight made all the more impressive when a Peregrine bustles through and sends everything in to the sky! The adjacent fens offer the possibility Short-eared Owl, Hen Harrier and Merlin while a healthy population of Tree Sparrows visit feeders around the visitor centre. Summer sees breeding waders such as Snipe and Redshank taking up their territories, while the site is also excellent for dragonflies and can also boast being one of the best places in the country to see one of our rarest bumblebees, Bombus ruderatus.

Key species (3)

The following information is adapted from Finding Birds in Britain, written by Lee G. R. Evans and published by BirdGuides.

Where symbols appear below, they have the following meanings:
Guaranteed under suitable conditions and at the correct time of year success is almost guaranteed
60% 60% chance of success under suitable conditions and at the correct time of year
40% 40% chance of success under suitable conditions and at the correct time of year
Species with no symbol indicates that sightings may be possible but with a minimum chance of success.

40% Spotted Crake Up to three calling male Spotted Crakes can be heard from the hides overlooking the washes at Welches Dam in May and June. Visits at dusk are essential. The reserve is well signposted from Manea village and there is a car park and visitor centre adjacent to the Old Bedford River.

Guaranteed Bewick's Swan 3000-5000 Bewick's Swans winter on the Washes and can be easily seen at Welney WWT Refuge or from Ouse Washes RSPB Reserve. The RSPB reserve is reached via Manea village. Follow signposts towards reserve along a series of minor roads. Pass Purls Bridge and continue south-westwards adjacent to river towards Welches Dam car park. A selection of hides overlook the washes on the opposite side of the river. Large numbers of Whooper Swans and dabbling duck also winter here.

Guaranteed Garganey The RSPB reserve at Welches Dam attracts a breeding population of about 3-5 pairs of Garganey and these can be seen from the reserve hides. In April and May, pairs can be located on the flooded meadows from Stockdale Hide, and are generally present in the area of washes to the south of there. The reserve is well signposted but can be reached by taking the B1098 from Chatteris towards Upwell. The road turns sharp left after two miles and after 200 yards crosses Vermuyden's Drain. Turn right immediately after the drain towards Manea and at the beginning of the village, turn right towards Purls Bridge and Welches Dam. At the bridge, the road follows the Old Bedford River to the RSPB car park and visitor centre. The Garganey are best seen from any of the first four hides as you walk north along the barrier bank footpath on the opposite side of the river.

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Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access is implied.

Rank   Site   County   GRmileskm Dir
1.Oxlode Oxlode ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4886 TL4886 1.4 2.2 ENE
2.Wardy Hill Wardy Hill ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4782 TL4782 2.0 3.2 SSE
3.Block Fen GPs Block Fen GPs ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4384 TL4384 2.0 3.2 WSW
4.Pymoor Pymoor ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4986 TL4986 2.0 3.2 ENE
5.Coveney Coveney ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4882 TL4882 2.2 3.6 SSE
6.Fortrey's Hall Fortrey's Hall ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4482 TL4482 2.2 3.6 SW
7.Manea Manea ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4789 TL4789 2.6 4.1 NNE
8.Mepal GPs Mepal GPs ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4283 TL4283 2.8 4.5 WSW
9.Wimblington Fen Wimblington Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4489 TL4489 2.8 4.5 NNW
10.Mepal Mepal ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4480 TL4480 3.3 5.4 SSW
11.West Fen, Ely West Fen, Ely ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5182 TL5182 3.6 5.8 ESE
12.Witcham Witcham ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4679 TL4679 3.7 6.0 S
13.Little Downham Little Downham ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5283 TL5283 3.9 6.3 ESE
14.Chatteris Chatteris ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3986 TL3986 4.4 7.1 W
15.Sutton Sutton ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4279 TL4279 4.5 7.2 SW
16.Sutton Gault Sutton Gault ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4279 TL4279 4.5 7.2 SW
17.Westlands Westlands ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5388 TL5388 4.7 7.6 ENE
18.Sutton North Fen Sutton North Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4377 TL4377 5.3 8.5 SSW
19.Chain Corner Chain Corner ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4178 TL4178 5.3 8.6 SW
20.Ely Ely ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5380 TL5380 5.3 8.6 SE
21.Littleport Littleport ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5585 TL5585 5.6 9.0 E
22.Grunty Fen Grunty Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4876 TL4876 5.7 9.2 SSE
23.Mare Fen Mare Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5588 TL5588 5.9 9.5 ENE
24.Haddenham Haddenham ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4675 TL4675 6.2 10.0 S
25.Upwell Fen Upwell Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4895 TL4895 6.3 10.2 NNE
26.Roswell Pits CWT Roswell Pits CWT ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5580 TL5580 6.4 10.3 ESE
27.Queen Adelaide Queen Adelaide ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5681 TL5681 6.7 10.8 ESE
28.Welney (village) Welney (village) ·Norfolk NorfolkTL5294 TL5294 6.7 10.8 NE
29.Somersham GPs Somersham GPs ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3779 TL3779 6.7 10.8 WSW
30.Gault Wood Gault Wood ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4094 TL4094 6.7 10.8 NNW
31.Wilburton Wilburton ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4874 TL4874 6.9 11.2 S
32.Warboys High Fen Warboys High Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3583 TL3583 6.9 11.2 W
33.Eau Fen Eau Fen ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5477 TL5477 7.0 11.3 SE
34.Stuntney Stuntney ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5578 TL5578 7.1 11.4 SE
35.Little Thetford Little Thetford ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL535765 TL535765 7.1 11.4 SE
36.Earith GPs Earith GPs ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3876 TL3876 7.5 12.0 SW
37.Stretham Stretham ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5174 TL5174 7.5 12.1 SSE
38.March March ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4196 TL4196 7.5 12.1 NNW
39.Aldreth Aldreth ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4473 TL4473 7.6 12.2 S
40.Somersham (village) Somersham (village) ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3678 TL3678 7.6 12.2 SW
41.Welney WWT Welney WWT ···Norfolk NorfolkTL548946 TL548946 7.7 12.3 NE
42.Earith Earith ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3875 TL3875 8.0 12.8 SW
43.Benwick Benwick ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3490 TL3490 8.1 13.0 WNW
44.Shropshire's Reservoir Shropshire's Reservoir ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL528741 TL528741 8.1 13.0 SSE
45.Holme Fen, Aldreth Holme Fen, Aldreth ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4572 TL4572 8.1 13.0 S
46.Prickwillow Prickwillow ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL596828 TL596828 8.3 13.4 ESE
47.Colne Colne ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3775 TL3775 8.4 13.5 SW
48.Holt Fen Holt Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5373 TL5373 8.6 13.9 SSE
49.White Fen White Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3492 TL3492 8.6 13.9 WNW
50.Fodder Fen Fodder Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5980 TL5980 8.7 13.9 ESE
51.Fidwell Fen Fidwell Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5272 TL5272 8.9 14.3 SSE
52.Black Horse Drove Black Horse Drove ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5991 TL5991 8.9 14.3 ENE
53.Kingfishers Bridge NR Kingfishers Bridge NR ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5473 TL5473 9.0 14.4 SSE
54.Berry Fen Berry Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL373739 TL373739 9.2 14.8 SW
55.Bluntisham Bluntisham ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3674 TL3674 9.2 14.9 SW
56.Sedge Fen Sedge Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5674 TL5674 9.2 14.9 SE
57.Hilgay Fen Hilgay Fen ·Norfolk NorfolkTL5894 TL5894 9.3 15.0 NE
58.Smithey Fen Smithey Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4570 TL4570 9.3 15.0 S
59.Brandon Creek Brandon Creek ·Norfolk NorfolkTL6091 TL6091 9.5 15.2 ENE
60.White Moor White Moor ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3898 TL3898 9.5 15.3 NNW
61.Chittering Chittering ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL4970 TL4970 9.5 15.3 S
62.Cam Washes Cam Washes ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL5371 TL5371 9.7 15.7 SSE
63.Great Fen Great Fen ·Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL6078 TL6078 9.7 15.7 ESE
64.Ouse Fen RSPB Ouse Fen RSPB ··Cambridgeshire CambridgeshireTL3772 TL3772 9.8 15.8 SW

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