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Tralee Tralee, February 2014. © Josh Jones
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15:54 26/06/17
18:01 24/06/17
12:42 23/06/17
18:10 19/06/17
15:26 18/06/17
09:02 14/06/17

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The following species have occurred in Kerry and are listed in the ORB archive. Bird News Extra subscribers can click on each species for details of past Kerry records.

Black-browed Albatross  
Fea's/Zino's Petrel  
Barolo Shearwater  
Swinhoe's Storm-petrel  
American Bittern  
Little Bittern  
Squacco Heron  
Whistling Swan (ssp. columbianus)  
Red-breasted Goose  
American Black Duck  
Blue-winged Teal  
King Eider  
White-winged Scoter  
Bald Eagle  
Gyr Falcon  
American Coot  
Little Bustard  
Black-winged Stilt  
Semipalmated Plover  
American Golden/Pacific Golden Plover  
Sociable Lapwing  
Semipalmated Sandpiper  
Red-necked Stint  
Least Sandpiper  
Baird's Sandpiper  
Broad-billed Sandpiper  
Stilt Sandpiper  
Dowitcher sp.  
Long-billed Dowitcher  
Hudsonian Whimbrel  
Greater Yellowlegs  
Lesser Yellowlegs  
Solitary Sandpiper  
Terek Sandpiper  
Spotted Sandpiper  
Wilson's Phalarope  
Laughing Gull  
Franklin's Gull  
Bonaparte's Gull  
American Herring Gull  
Azorean Yellow-legged Gull (ssp. atlantis)  
Ivory Gull  
Caspian Tern  
Elegant Tern  
Forster's Tern  
Whiskered Tern  
American Black Tern (ssp. surinamensis)  
Great Spotted Cuckoo  
Common Nighthawk  
Chimney Swift  
European Roller  
Cliff Swallow  
Red-throated Pipit  
Buff-bellied Pipit  
American Robin  
Eastern Bonelli's/Western Bonelli's Warbler  
Brown Shrike  
Red-eyed Vireo  
Yellow-rumped Warbler  
Rose-breasted Grosbeak  

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Sat 27/08/16  New content  
Rarity finders: Royal Tern in Co Mayo
Rarity finders Royal Tern in Co Mayo
Séamus Feeney's search for rare American waders paid off with something even more special, and Davey Farrar was in the right place at the right time to relocate the bird further south.  read on read on
Thu 13/08/15
First White-tailed Eagles to fledge in Co Kerry for a century
First White-tailed Eagles to fledge in Co Kerry for a century
Two pairs of White-tailed Eagles fledge young in 'The Kingdom'.  read on read on
Wed 14/01/15
Rarity finders: Black Scoter at Rossbeigh - an Irish first
Rarity finders Black Scoter at Rossbeigh — an Irish first
Michael O'Clery discusses the discovery and identification of Ireland's first Black Scoter, remarkably found at the same site as the country's first Stejneger's Scoter.  read on read on
Fri 24/01/14
Rarity finders: Close encounters of the Gyr kind
Rarity finders Close encounters of the Gyr kind
Liam and Adam Doyle were thrilled by an intimate encounter with a white Gyr in western Ireland.  read on read on
Thu 17/03/11
Rarity finders: Stejneger's Scoter, Co Kerry
Rarity finders Stejneger's Scoter, Co Kerry
Josh Jones gives us the full account of the finding of this surprising Irish first.  read on read on

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Click on a site name for more details of the site (Bird News Extra subscribers only), on a Grid reference for a map, on the picture thumbnail for images of the site (or on upload to share your own images), and on Add/Update to submit your own site details.

Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access should be inferred from the inclusion of these grid references.

SiteGRPicturesAdd/update details
Abbeydorney Abbeydorney ·Q8523 Q8523 upload upload add add
Akeragh Lough Akeragh Lough ·Q7526 Q7526 upload upload add add
Anascaul Anascaul ·Q5901 Q5901 upload upload add add
Ardfert Ardfert ··Q7820 Q7820 upload upload update update
Astee Astee ·Q9445 Q9445 upload upload add add
at sea at sea   upload upload add add
Baile an Reannaigh Baile an Reannaigh ··Q3605 Q3605 Site picture update update
Ballinskelligs Ballinskelligs ··V4366 V4366 Site picture update update
Ballydavid Ballydavid ··Q3707 Q3707 upload upload update update
Ballydavid Head Ballydavid Head Q3811 Q3811 upload upload add add
Ballyduff Ballyduff ·Q8734 Q8734 upload upload add add
Ballyferriter Ballyferriter ··Q3504 Q3504 upload upload update update
Ballyheige Bay Ballyheige Bay ·Q7527 Q7527 upload upload add add
Ballykissane Ballykissane ·V7798 V7798 upload upload add add
Ballylongford Ballylongford ·Q9944 Q9944 upload upload add add
Ballyquin Ballyquin ·Q5213 Q5213 upload upload add add
Barrow Harbour Barrow Harbour ··Q7417 Q7417 upload upload update update
Beale Strand Beale Strand ·Q8847 Q8847 upload upload add add
Beenconeen Beenconeen ·Q8134 Q8134 upload upload add add
Black Rock Strand Black Rock Strand ··Q7424 Q7424 Site picture update update
Blackwater Bridge Blackwater Bridge ··V7968 V7968 upload upload update update
Blennerville Blennerville ··Q8112 Q8112 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Bolus Head Bolus Head ·V3861 V3861 upload upload add add
Brandon Bay Brandon Bay ··Q5514 Q5514 upload upload update update
Brandon Creek Brandon Creek ·Q4212 Q4212 upload upload add add
Brandon Point Brandon Point ·Q5217 Q5217 upload upload add add
Bunaclugga Bay Bunaclugga Bay Q9547 Q9547 upload upload add add
Burnham Lagoon Burnham Lagoon ··Q4200 Q4200 Site picture update update
Caherdaniel Caherdaniel ··V5559 V5559 Site picture update update
Caherfearlane Marsh Caherfearlane Marsh ·Q7702 Q7702 upload upload add add
Cahersiveen Cahersiveen ··V4779 V4779 upload upload update update
Callinafercy Callinafercy ·Q7800 Q7800 upload upload add add
Camp Camp ·Q6909 Q6909 upload upload add add
Canglass Point Canglass Point ·V4584 V4584 upload upload add add
Carrahane Strand Carrahane Strand ··Q7520 Q7520 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Carrauntoohil Carrauntoohil ·V8084 V8084 upload upload add add
Carrig Island Carrig Island ·Q9848 Q9848 upload upload add add
Cashen Estuary Cashen Estuary ··Q8538 Q8538 upload upload update update
Castlegregory Castlegregory ··Q6213 Q6213 upload upload update update
Castleisland Castleisland Q9909 Q9909 upload upload add add
Castlemaine Castlemaine ·Q8303 Q8303 upload upload add add
Castlemaine Harbour Castlemaine Harbour ··Q7300 Q7300 upload upload update update
Castlequarter Beach Castlequarter Beach ·  upload upload add add
Church Hill Church Hill ·Q7516 Q7516 upload upload add add
Cloghane Cloghane ··Q5011 Q5011 upload upload update update
Clogher Head Clogher Head ·Q3002 Q3002 upload upload add add
Cloonee Lakes Cloonee Lakes ·V8164 V8164 upload upload add add
Coornagillagh Coornagillagh ·V8065 V8065 upload upload add add
Coumeenoole Coumeenoole ·V3198 V3198 upload upload add add
Cromane Cromane ··V6996 V6996 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Dawros Dawros ·V8767 V8767 upload upload add add
Deelick Point Deelick Point ·Q5117 Q5117 upload upload add add
Derrymore Derrymore ··Q7411 Q7411 upload upload update update
Derrynane Estuary Derrynane Estuary ··V5358 V5358 upload upload update update
Dingle Dingle ··Q4401 Q4401 Site picture (3 pictures) update update
Douglas Douglas ·V7398 V7398 upload upload add add
Dromanassig Dromanassig ·V9567 V9567 upload upload add add
Duagh Duagh ·R0530 R0530 upload upload add add
Dunquin Dunquin ··Q3100 Q3100 Site picture update update
Eagle Mountain Eagle Mountain ·V3398 V3398 upload upload add add
Faha Faha V8895 V8895 upload upload add add
Fahamore Fahamore ··Q6018 Q6018 upload upload update update
Farranfore Farranfore ··Q9303 Q9303 upload upload update update
Fenit Fenit ··Q7315 Q7315 Site picture update update
Feohanagh Feohanagh ·Q3909 Q3909 upload upload add add
Fermoyle Fermoyle ·Q5411 Q5411 upload upload add add
Ferriter's Cove Ferriter's Cove ··Q3205 Q3205 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Glanfahan Glanfahan ·V3296 V3296 upload upload add add
Gleesk Gleesk ·V6662 V6662 upload upload add add
Glenbeigh Glenbeigh ·V6791 V6791 upload upload add add
Glenflesk Glenflesk ·W0685 W0685 upload upload add add
Gleninchaquin Gleninchaquin V8462 V8462 upload upload add add
Great Blasket Island Great Blasket Island ··V2697 V2697 Site picture update update
Inch Inch ·V6598 V6598 upload upload add add
Inny Strand Inny Strand ·V4668 V4668 upload upload add add
Kells Kells ·V5587 V5587 upload upload add add
Kenmare Kenmare ··V9070 V9070 upload upload update update
Kenneigh Kenneigh ·V4970 V4970 upload upload add add
Kerry Airport Kerry Airport ·Q9504 Q9504 upload upload add add
Kerry Head Kerry Head ··Q6730 Q6730 upload upload update update
Killarney Killarney ··V9690 V9690 Site picture update update
Killelton Killelton ·Q7210 Q7210 upload upload add add
Killorglin Killorglin ··V7796 V7796 upload upload update update
Kilmakilloge Harbour Kilmakilloge Harbour ·V7659 V7659 upload upload add add
Kilmoyley Kilmoyley ·Q7925 Q7925 upload upload add add
Kilshannig Kilshannig ·Q6219 Q6219 Site picture add add
Knockmoyle Knockmoyle ·Q8308 Q8308 upload upload add add
Knocknagashel Knocknagashel ·R0520 R0520 upload upload add add
Lauragh Lauragh ··V7758 V7758 Site picture update update
Lehid Harbour Lehid Harbour ·V7762 V7762 upload upload add add
Liscahane Liscahane ·Q7918 Q7918 upload upload add add
Listowel Listowel ··Q9833 Q9833 upload upload update update
Listry Listry ·V8597 V8597 upload upload add add
Littor Littor ·Q9247 Q9247 upload upload add add
Lixnaw Lixnaw ·Q8929 Q8929 upload upload add add
Lough Caragh Lough Caragh ·V7190 V7190 upload upload add add
Lough Coomasaharn Lough Coomasaharn ·V6284 V6284 upload upload add add
Lough Gill Lough Gill ··Q6014 Q6014 Site picture update update
Lough Leane Lough Leane ··V9388 V9388 Site picture update update
Lough Namona Lough Namona ·V5971 V5971 upload upload add add
Lough Yganavan Lough Yganavan ·V7095 V7095 upload upload add add
Maharees Maharees Q6213 Q6213 upload upload add add
Mangerton Mountain Mangerton Mountain ·W0080 W0080 upload upload add add
Meevo Meevo Q8937 Q8937 upload upload add add
Monaree Monaree ·Q4000 Q4000 upload upload add add
Mount Brandon Mount Brandon ··Q4611 Q4611 upload upload update update
Muckross Lake Muckross Lake ·V9585 V9585 upload upload add add
Murreagh Murreagh ·Q3806 Q3806 upload upload add add
Oghermong Oghermong ·V4575 V4575 upload upload add add
Ormond's Island Ormond's Island ·V7965 V7965 upload upload add add
Portmagee Portmagee ··V3773 V3773 Site picture update update
Reenard Point Reenard Point ··V4377 V4377 Site picture update update
Reenroe Reenroe ·V4568 V4568 upload upload add add
Rossbeigh Rossbeigh ··V6594 V6594 Site picture update update
Rough Point Rough Point ·Q6219 Q6219 upload upload add add
Scraggane Scraggane ·Q5410 Q5410 upload upload add add
Skellig Islands Skellig Islands ··V2560 V2560 Site picture update update
Slea Head Slea Head ·V3196 V3196 upload upload add add
Smerwick Harbour Smerwick Harbour ··Q3607 Q3607 Site picture update update
Sneem Sneem ··V6966 V6966 upload upload update update
St. Finian's Bay St. Finian's Bay ·V3968 V3968 upload upload add add
Sybil Point Sybil Point Q3106 Q3106 upload upload add add
Tarbert Tarbert ·R0647 R0647 upload upload add add
Trabeg Trabeg ··V4699 V4699 Site picture update update
Tralee Tralee ··Q8314 Q8314 Site picture update update
Tuosist Tuosist ··V7862 V7862 upload upload update update
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload add add
Valentia Island Valentia Island ··V3875 V3875 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Ventry Ventry ··Q3800 Q3800 Site picture (3 pictures) update update
Waterville Waterville ··V5066 V5066 Site picture update update

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