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Ardmore Ardmore, October 2007. © Tom Kennedy
More site photos from Waterford More site photos from Waterford

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17:11 19/05/17
22:34 15/05/17
17:43 12/05/17
08:23 05/05/17

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View more sightings from Waterford View more sightings from Waterford

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County recorder
 Paul Walsh, 16 Castle Point, Crosshaven, Co. Cork.
 +353 21 4831296

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SiteGRPicturesAdd/update details
Annestown Annestown ··X4999 X4999 upload upload update update
Ardmore Ardmore ··X1977 X1977 Site picture (3 pictures) update update
at sea at sea   upload upload add add
Ballinacourty Ballinacourty ··X2992 X2992 upload upload update update
Ballinard Ballinard ·X3192 X3192 upload upload add add
Ballinclamper Ballinclamper ··X3093 X3093 upload upload update update
Ballinlough Ballinlough ·S4403 S4403 upload upload add add
Ballycrompane Ballycrompane ·X1282 X1282 upload upload add add
Ballyduff Ballyduff ··W9699 W9699 upload upload update update
Ballydwan Ballydwan ·X3898 X3898 upload upload add add
Ballyhane Ballyhane ·X1398 X1398 upload upload add add
Ballyharrahan Ballyharrahan ·X2488 X2488 upload upload add add
Ballymacart Ballymacart ·X2483 X2483 upload upload add add
Ballynagaul Ballynagaul ·X2988 X2988 upload upload add add
Ballyneety Ballyneety ·X2594 X2594 upload upload add add
Ballyquin Ballyquin ·X2080 X2080 upload upload add add
Ballyroan Ballyroan ·S5109 S5109 upload upload add add
Ballysaggart Ballysaggart ·X0299 X0299 upload upload add add
Ballyshunnock Reservoirs Ballyshunnock Reservoirs ··S4509 S4509 Site picture update update
Ballyvooney Cove Ballyvooney Cove ·X3897 X3897 upload upload add add
Ballyvoyle Ballyvoyle ·X3496 X3496 upload upload add add
Blackwater Callows Blackwater Callows ·X0199 X0199 upload upload add add
Brownstown Head Brownstown Head ···X6197 X6197 Site picture update update
Bunmahon Bunmahon ·X4398 X4398 upload upload add add
Caliso Bay Caliso Bay ·X1376 X1376 upload upload add add
Carrigavrantry Carrigavrantry ·S5602 S5602 upload upload add add
Cheekpoint Cheekpoint ··S6813 S6813 upload upload update update
Clashmore Clashmore ·X1284 X1284 upload upload add add
Clohernagh Clohernagh ··S6402 S6402 upload upload update update
Clonea Clonea ·X3194 X3194 upload upload add add
Corbally Corbally ·S6300 S6300 upload upload add add
Creadan Head Creadan Head ·S7006 S7006 upload upload add add
Drumlohan Drumlohan ·S3600 S3600 upload upload add add
Dunabrattin Head Dunabrattin Head ·X4798 X4798 upload upload add add
Dungarvan Dungarvan ··X2593 X2593 upload upload update update
Dunmore East Dunmore East ·S6800 S6800 upload upload add add
Fenor Fenor S5201 S5201 upload upload add add
Ferry Point Ferry Point ··X1178 X1178 Site picture update update
Glencorrin Glencorrin ·X1978 X1978 upload upload add add
Glenmore Glenmore ·S6622 S6622 upload upload add add
Helvick Head Helvick Head ··X3189 X3189 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
Killongford Killongford ·X2490 X2490 upload upload add add
Kilmacthomas Kilmacthomas ·S3906 S3906 upload upload add add
Kilmeaden Kilmeaden ·S5210 S5210 Site picture add add
Kilmurrin Kilmurrin ·X4698 X4698 upload upload add add
Kinsalebeg Kinsalebeg ·X1379 X1379 upload upload add add
Knockaderry Lake Knockaderry Lake ··S4906 S4906 Site picture update update
Knockenpower Knockenpower ·X2988 X2988 upload upload add add
Lemybrien Lemybrien ·S3201 S3201 upload upload add add
Lismore Lismore ·X0598 X0598 upload upload add add
Mine Head Mine Head ··X2882 X2882 upload upload update update
Newport East Newport East ·X0885 X0885 upload upload add add
Pouldrew Pouldrew ·S5011 S5011 upload upload add add
Quillia Quillia ·S6103 S6103 upload upload add add
Ram Head Ram Head ··X2076 X2076 Site picture (4 pictures) update update
Rincrew Rincrew ··X0980 X0980 upload upload update update
Saleen Saleen ··S6200 S6200 upload upload update update
Seafield Seafield ·S4100 S4100 upload upload add add
Tankardstown Tankardstown ·X4598 X4598 upload upload add add
Templemichael Templemichael ··X0782 X0782 Site picture update update
The Cunnigar The Cunnigar ··X2691 X2691 Site picture (2 pictures) update update
The Pike The Pike ·R9995 R9995 upload upload add add
Tourig Estuary Tourig Estuary ·X0980 X0980 upload upload add add
Tramore Tramore ··S5801 S5801 upload upload update update
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload add add
Villierstown Villierstown X0992 X0992 upload upload add add
Waterford Waterford ·S6012 S6012 upload upload add add
Waterford Airport Waterford Airport ·S6204 S6204 upload upload add add
Whiting Bay Whiting Bay ··X1577 X1577 Site picture update update
Youghal Bridge Youghal Bridge ·X0980 X0980 upload upload add add

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