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18:28 23/03/17
19:12 21/03/17
12:52 19/03/17
13:40 18/03/17
18:46 15/03/17
21:32 13/03/17
13:07 12/03/17
18:30 11/03/17
16:16 11/03/17

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Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access should be inferred from the inclusion of these grid references.

SiteGRPicturesAdd/update details
Annamoe Annamoe ·T1699 T1699 upload upload add add
Arklow Arklow ··T2473 T2473 upload upload update update
Aughrim Aughrim ·T1279 T1279 upload upload add add
Avoca Avoca ·T2080 T2080 upload upload add add
Blackditch Blackditch ··O3103 O3103 upload upload update update
Blessington Blessington ··N9813 N9813 upload upload update update
Bray Bray ·O2618 O2618 upload upload add add
Brittas Bay Brittas Bay ·T3082 T3082 upload upload add add
Broad Lough Broad Lough ·T3095 T3095 upload upload add add
Coolbeg Coolbeg ·T2790 T2790 upload upload add add
Delgany Delgany ·O2710 O2710 upload upload add add
Derrybawn Wood Derrybawn Wood ·T1395 T1395 upload upload add add
Djouce Mountain Djouce Mountain ··O1710 O1710 upload upload update update
Donard Donard ·S9397 S9397 upload upload add add
Duff Hill Duff Hill ··O0908 O0908 upload upload update update
Dunlavin Dunlavin ·N8602 N8602 upload upload add add
Enniskerry Enniskerry O2217 O2217 upload upload add add
Five Mile Point Five Mile Point ·O3103 O3103 upload upload add add
Glendalough Glendalough ·T1296 T1296 upload upload add add
Glenealy Glenealy ·T2492 T2492 upload upload add add
Greystones Greystones ··O2912 O2912 upload upload update update
Hollywood Hollywood N9405 N9405 upload upload add add
Kilcoole Kilcoole ·O2908 O2908 upload upload add add
Kiloughter Kiloughter ·T2999 T2999 upload upload add add
Lacken Lacken ·O0111 O0111 upload upload add add
Lough Dan Lough Dan ·O1503 O1503 upload upload add add
Lough Tay Lough Tay O1607 O1607 upload upload add add
Lugnaquilla Mountain Lugnaquilla Mountain ·T0392 T0392 upload upload add add
Manor Kilbride Manor Kilbride ·O0217 O0217 upload upload add add
Maulin Maulin ·O1812 O1812 upload upload add add
Mullaghcleevaun Mullaghcleevaun ·O0607 O0607 upload upload add add
Newcastle Newcastle ·O2903 O2903 upload upload add add
Newtown Mount Kennedy Newtown Mount Kennedy ·O2606 O2606 upload upload add add
Poulaphouca Reservoir Poulaphouca Reservoir N9910 N9910 upload upload add add
Rathdrum Rathdrum ·T1987 T1987 upload upload add add
Redcross Redcross ·T2483 T2483 upload upload add add
Roundwood Roundwood ·O1904 O1904 upload upload add add
Sally Gap Sally Gap ·O1311 O1311 upload upload add add
Shillelagh Shillelagh S9867 S9867 upload upload add add
Six Mile Point Six Mile Point O3103 O3103 upload upload add add
Tinahely Tinahely ··T0373 T0373 upload upload update update
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload add add
Valleymount Valleymount ·N9606 N9606 upload upload add add
Vartry Reservoirs Vartry Reservoirs ·O2004 O2004 upload upload add add
Wicklow Gap Wicklow Gap ·O0700 O0700 upload upload add add
Wicklow Harbour Wicklow Harbour ·T3194 T3194 upload upload add add
Wicklow Town Wicklow Town ··T3194 T3194 upload upload update update

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