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22:48 02/05/17
18:12 15/03/17
15:20 08/02/17
21:54 06/02/17
15:25 25/01/17
11:16 02/11/16
16:35 01/11/16

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The following species have occurred in Kildare and are listed in the ORB archive. Bird News Extra subscribers can click on each species for details of past Kildare records.

American Bittern  
Great Snipe  
Pallas's Sandgrouse  
European Roller  
Savi's Warbler  

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Click on a site name for more details of the site (Bird News Extra subscribers only), on a Grid reference for a map, on the picture thumbnail for images of the site (or on upload to share your own images), and on Add/Update to submit your own site details.

Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access should be inferred from the inclusion of these grid references.

SiteGRPicturesAdd/update details
Athy Athy ·S6893 S6893 upload upload add add
Castledermot Castledermot ·S7885 S7885 upload upload add add
Celbridge Celbridge ··N9732 N9732 upload upload update update
Clane Clane ·N8727 N8727 upload upload add add
Crookstown Crookstown ·S8097 S8097 upload upload add add
Hazelhatch Hazelhatch ·N9831 N9831 upload upload add add
Jigginstown Jigginstown ·N8718 N8718 upload upload add add
Johnstown Bridge Johnstown Bridge N7640 N7640 upload upload add add
Kilkea Kilkea ·S7489 S7489 upload upload add add
Leixlip Leixlip O0036 O0036 upload upload add add
Maynooth Maynooth ··N9338 N9338 upload upload update update
Naas Naas ·N8919 N8919 upload upload add add
Newbridge Newbridge ·N8014 N8014 upload upload add add
Pollardstown Fen NNR Pollardstown Fen NNR ··N7716 N7716 upload upload update update
The Curragh The Curragh ·N7711 N7711 upload upload add add
Timahoe West Timahoe West ·N7732 N7732 upload upload add add
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload add add

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