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17:12 23/06/17
07:24 17/06/17
19:04 02/04/17
18:02 01/04/17
18:27 23/03/17
16:43 12/03/17
18:47 04/03/17
18:55 27/02/17

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The following species have occurred in Meath and are listed in the ORB archive. Bird News Extra subscribers can click on each species for details of past Meath records.

Gyr Falcon  
Sociable Lapwing  
Baird's Sandpiper  
Great Snipe  
Short-billed Dowitcher  
Spotted Sandpiper  
Franklin's Gull  
Elegant Tern  
Forster's Tern  
Pallas's Sandgrouse  
Eurasian Scops Owl  

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Click on a site name for more details of the site (Bird News Extra subscribers only), on a Grid reference for a map, on the picture thumbnail for images of the site (or on upload to share your own images), and on Add/Update to submit your own site details.

Grid references are generic references for the named sites and indicate the general area, not the exact location of any particular bird. No right of access should be inferred from the inclusion of these grid references.

SiteGRPicturesAdd/update details
Ardcath Ardcath ·O0663 O0663 upload upload add add
Ashbourne Ashbourne ··O0652 O0652 upload upload update update
Ballyhoe Lakes Ballyhoe Lakes ·N8595 N8595 upload upload add add
Ben Head Ben Head ·O1768 O1768 upload upload add add
Bettystown Bettystown ·O1673 O1673 upload upload add add
Carnaross Carnaross ·N6878 N6878 upload upload add add
Dardistown Dardistown ·O1169 O1169 upload upload add add
Donore Donore ·O0472 O0472 upload upload add add
Duleek Duleek ·O0468 O0468 upload upload add add
Enfield Enfield ·N7741 N7741 upload upload add add
Gormanston Gormanston ·O1766 O1766 upload upload add add
Gormanstown Gormanstown ·O1666 O1666 upload upload add add
Julianstown Julianstown ·O1370 O1370 upload upload add add
Kells Kells ·N7475 N7475 upload upload add add
Laytown Laytown ·O1671 O1671 upload upload add add
Lough Sheelin Lough Sheelin ·N4684 N4684 upload upload add add
Mornington Mornington ·O1575 O1575 upload upload add add
Nanny Estuary Nanny Estuary ·O1671 O1671 upload upload add add
Oldbridge Oldbridge ·O0575 O0575 upload upload add add
Rossin Rossin ·O0175 O0175 upload upload add add
Slane Slane ·N9674 N9674 upload upload add add
Summerhill Summerhill ·N8448 N8448 upload upload add add
undisclosed site undisclosed site   upload upload add add

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