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A high-quality digital field guide, with bird names in 15 languages, covering 352 species of birds regularly seen in Northern Europe. This covers all except rarer vagrants and includes every bird likely to be seen by the vast majority of birdwatchers in the region throughout the year. Countries covered include Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Holland (The Netherlands), Belgium, Germany, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Luxembourg and northern France. Comprehensive information is provided including: multiple annotated illustrations by leading artists showing the full range of plumages (including rarer races and variations); beautiful still photographs for many species; songs and calls; maps showing distribution in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East; and the full detailed text accounts from the Concise Edition of Birds of the Western Palearctic (THE standard reference work originally published by Oxford University Press). It's perfect for more experienced birders who will appreciate the comprehensive and professional ornithological content in this App.


  • fully compatible with iPad using the full resolution of its larger screen
  • species names translated into 13 languages plus International English and US English
  • includes audio recordings of both songs and calls (which can be played on iPhone and iPod touch built-in speakers)
  • annotated illustrations by top bird artists including Ian Lewington, Alan Harris, Mike Langman and D I M Wallace
  • superb portrait photographs for many species
  • definitive text accounts from the Concise Edition of Birds of the Western Palearctic
  • information on typical behaviour, identification and plumage variations
  • many images showing nests, eggs and flight shots
  • detailed distribution maps both for the whole Western Palearctic region
  • quick search by species name or part of name
  • bird names organised alphabetically or by family, with collapsible headings
  • intuitive navigation uses gestures and flip-to-horizontal mode
  • pinch zooming for visual assets

The language used to display and organise species names can be changed at any time. The available languages are: Calatan, Dansk, Deutsch, English, English (International), English (US), Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Suomi, Svenska, Russian. Note that the species text accounts, assets captions and illustration annotations are in English only.

  • To hear the songs, calls and commentaries, make sure your iPhone isn't switched to silent, and that the volume is turned up sufficiently.
  • Early model iPod touch will require earphones or speakers.

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