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BBi Volume 101 (2008) Update

BirdGuides Ltd (nt)

This download will install all of British Birds Volume 101 (2008) into your copy of BBi.

This volume of the esteemed journal covers a typically wide range of topics, from the use of stable-isotope analysis through tricky identification conundrums, to the status of the Eagle Owl in Britain.

NOTE: this is a large download (178 MB) and will take some time to download, especially on a slow connection. If you are unable to download large files please email for information on how to get the update.

BBi Volume 101 (2008) Update (Mac version) OLBB101M Price: £10.00 inc VAT
BBi Volume 101 (2008) Update (Windows version) OLBB101WS Price: £10.00 inc VAT


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