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Video Guide to British Birds for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

BirdGuides Ltd

The new Apple iPhone and iPod Touch share a stunning large touch-sensitive display that provides bright and vivid video playback in the field. Plus the latest Touchincludes a built-in speaker.

This new BirdGuides software turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a incredible video field guide that you can carry in you pocket and consult (or simply view to sharpen your ID skills) anywhere. The content is the same as on the latest 270-species edition of our acclaimed Video Guide to British Birds.

Running time is an astonishing 16 hours and you can control which species (from 1 to all 270) are loaded onto your device. If you choose to load all 270 species, you will need around 9GB of free space.

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Species list

Video Guide to British Birds for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad DRB270POD Price: £20.40 inc VAT
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27 Comments on Video Guide to British Birds for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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  • #1
    Can you please confirm that the Video Guide to British Birds for iphone and ipad will give full screen coverage on the ipad. I'm sure I read somewhere that on the ipad it appears bordered down to the size of an iphone and that expanding it resulted in a loss of quality.
    I'm ready to buy this as I have the 5 dvd version so I know how good it is, but only if it's right for my ipad.

    Comment By Stephen Pinder - Thu 23 Apr 2015 @ 11:09AM
  • #2
    My wife purchased this for me for Xmas and slightly disappointed as no where in the description does it suggest you need a computer to get the files on the Ipad or Iphone as she ordered it Xmas Day assuming it would be a download from ITune Store. I think you need to improved the product description as this is a DVD and you must have a computer with ITunes installed and how upto date the product is. To watch movies/tv programmes on the Ipad you do not need a computer so it was just as well i have. Also everytime i try to play one of the movies in ITunes it crashes ITunes which none of my other tv programmes do. Therefore to watch any of the programmes on the PC I need to have the DVD to hand. There is also alot on manual tweaking on the programmes to make use of the diffrent sections of Birds
    Regards Bob Moore

    Comment By Bob Moore - Thu 10 Jan 2013 @ 5:57PM
  • #3
    Hi Ian - the family groups got broken with the last iOS update. You can fix it quite easily. (Please note this does not affect iPads, only iPhones and iPod Touch).

    1) Open your iTunes and click on TV programs to see the programs in iTunes on the Right hand side.
    2) Click “View” “As List” so that you can see the BG01 BG02 numbers under the “Programme” heading
    3) Click on the first Species BG01 Divers & Grebes , “Red Throated Diver”, then hold down your Shift Key and click on the last of the BG01 group “Black-necked Grebe” to highlight the BG01 block.
    4) Right click on this highlighted block and select “Get Info” say Yes to multiple info and after “Artist” BirdGuides type 01, that is zero one, so that it reads BirdGuides01 and click “OK”
    5) Now do the same for all of the BG02 group “Oceanic Birds” renaming the Artist “BirdGuides02” and “OK”
    6) Repeat this procedure for all 28 groups, then re-sync your iPhone / Ipod Touch

    Comment By Fiona Barclay - Fri 17 Dec 2010 @ 9:20AM
  • #4
    It would have been good to have been able to had the birds grouped i.e. Warblers, Buntings etc. Apart from that I'm very pleased.

    Comment By Ian Lees - Thu 16 Dec 2010 @ 5:22PM
  • #5
    Hi Fiona, thanks for the surprise of a prompt reply. Yes, I have read these comments about size requirements but I'd only read those in the Ad itself. There is info for the Classic editons for the I pod Nano that says for 10hrs of video the needs are 3gb. So a fair and reasonable assumption for 16hrs of video would be 5.5 - 6 gb at the most was what I thought. As I said before there is also info in the Ad for the lesser version of 2gb but none for the one I've bough, which I think is an oversight. So working on my earlier calculation I went out and bought the I Pod 8gb version. I haven't opened the cellophane packaging on the DVD, so I can only go on the info on the back that says it needs 9gb. Right then, what can I do..? Will the Classic Edition for the Nano run on my I touch..? (Is it so inferior to only need 3gb as opposed to 9gb..?) If so can I exchange it ? Or do I open what I've got and you tell me how much memory each species takes up so I can then make an informed decision. Regards Joe Lyman

    Comment By Joseph Lyman - Thu 8 Jul 2010 @ 9:52PM
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