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A complete library of bird songs and calls in your pocket, plus expert commentaries from Dave Gosney to help you identify species in your garden or in the field.

iDentify is a series of CDs preloaded with fully annotated audio files ready to upload to digital music players. If you already own a portable player that can handle standard mp3 or mp4 formats, then all you need is an iDentify CD.

Choose whichever selection of species suits your style of birding:
  • British Birds – 250 species with commentaries
  • Now available from the Birdwatch Bookshop - order here
  • European Birds – a truly comprehensive 515 species without commentaries
  • Now available from the Birdwatch Bookshop - order here

More information
iDentify British Birds AGDB
Species list
Regular Price: £24.95
On Sale For: £19.95 inc VAT

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iDentify European Birds AGDE
Species list
Regular Price: £39.95
On Sale For: £24.95 inc VAT

Sorry, currently out of stock


28 Comments on iDentify

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  • #1
    I would like british bird songs and calls on my Samsung Galaxy S3 'phone but do not know how or what to order from yourselves. (This all new to me so not sure how these things work)

    Comment By Miss M Meeklah - Thu 6 Aug 2015 @ 12:31PM
  • #2
    Hi Trevor: please email with a description of the problem for assistance.

    Comment By BirdGuides Webmaster - Wed 7 May 2014 @ 12:27PM
  • #3
    My CD worked fine until I installed Windows 7 on my laptop. Now the disc will not load. Is there anything I can do please?

    Comment By Trevor Atkins - Wed 7 May 2014 @ 11:41AM
  • #4
    Do you sell an app of the birds of Britain and Europe with their calls which I could download on my Kindle Fire.

    Comment By Bob Bartlett - Thu 16 Jan 2014 @ 3:19PM
  • #5
    Dear Rinchen - This would work well. As far as I know the iPod Shuffle might not be ideal as by it's very nature it "shuffles" the songs - so it might be all-too-easy to end up with the wrong announcement for the wrong call if you see what I mean. And there's no way of visually checking which track is playing to check. The nano would work very well, or any of a host of other mp3 players - it really doesn't have to be Apple. Yes you load the disk into your PC and then transfer onto your device. Hope it helps - FIona

    Comment By Fiona Barclay - Thu 6 Jan 2011 @ 10:46AM
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