Black-throated Thrush at Prestwick Carr, Northumberland


Monday 20th March 2017

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Black-throated Thrush at Prestwick Carr, Northumberland
© 20/03/17
© Alan Curry 20/03/17 © Alan Tilmouth 20/03/17 © Alan Tilmouth 20/03/17
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again no sign of male by 08:15
no further sign of male by 17:10
male flew off high to south and landed in plantation on golf course
male still in hawthorns in paddock at Mill Farm
male still in fields towards Prestwick Mill Farm
male near sentry box then flew west towards golf course late morning

6 reports returned.

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Site page: Prestwick Carr Prestwick Carr

Prestwick Carr
Grid Reference: NZ1973 NZ1973

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